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Technical Specifications for Set Theatre 21/10/2009

Lighting Equipment

1 Zero88 Jester ML24
1 LCD monitor for above
1 Compulite 6-way DMX splitter
1 Compulite 3-way DMX input buffer
DMX outputs are available at facility panels around the venue on 5-pin XLR connectors.
These outputs are patchable from the dimmer room.
3 Zero88 Betapack 6 way dimmer, twin 15A outlet (DMX address 37-54)
1 12-way non-dim 15A outlet panel
The above are patchable to an 84 way 15A patch, wired to 15A outlets in the roof, around the balcony, and on stage.
Lighting Fixtures
12 Selecon Pacific 1000W 12°-28° zoom profile
6 Selecon Rama 1000W fresnel, c/w barndoor
6 Studio Due ArchiLED 150 LED wash light
3 Studio Due ArchiBAR LED batten light
4 LEDj Alu Tri Par64 (18 x 3W Tri-Colour LED)
4 Robe Colorspot 250AT
  There are 2 trusses on 2 x 1/2 tonne motors each
one above the balcony, 7m long
one mid auditorium, 6m long
  A selection of 5 pin and 3 pin DMX cable
  A selection of 15A cabling, socapex multicore
1 Unique II Hazer
House Lights
  House lighting is spread over 36 channels, and is controlled by either DMX (DMX address 1-36), 12-preset pushbutton panels, and on the touchscreen control panels.

Sound Equipment

Flown system consisting of:
3 Logic Systems ML15's, flown in Left, Centre, Right configuration
1 MC2 T2000 amplifier driving Left & Right
1 MC2 T1000 amplifier (bridged) driving Centre
Ground Stack system consisting of:
4 Logic Systems ML15's, 2 Left, 2 Right
2 Logic Systems SB300i, dual 15 Subs
2 MC2 T2000 amplifiers, 1 driving Left & Right, 1 driving Subs
Surround system:
8 Martin Audio Effect 3 THX surround speakers
2 Martin Audio Effect 3R THX surround speakers
1 MC2 T500 amplifier, driving rear surrounds
1 MC2 T4-250 4 channel amplifier driving side surrounds
4 Logic Systems IS12 loudspeakers
2 MC2 T2000 amplifiers
1 Yamaha DME64, controls room presets, EQ, delay, etc.
1 Lexicon MV-5 7.1 surround processor
EQ & Effects
3 DBX 1231, Dual 31 band graphic EQ
1 DBX 1131, Single 31 band graphic EQ
1 Yamaha SPX2000 Digital Multi-effects unit
1 Yamaha LS9-32, 32 channel digital mixer
1 Soundcraft EFX-12channel mixer, with built in Lexicon effects
Source Equipment
1 Numark CD MIX2 twin CD player/mixer combination
1 Denon DN-C615 Pro CD player
6 Shure SM58-LC
2 Shure SM58 Beta
3 Shure SM57-LC
2 Shure SM57 Beta
3 AKG D40 percussion/instrument mic, c/w drum clip
1 AKG D112 kick drum mic
2 AKG C430 condenser mic
1 Shure PG52 kick drum mic
3 Shure PG56 percussion/instrument mic, c/w drum clip
2 Shure PG81 condenser mic
Radio Microphones
4 Sennheiser Evolution series 100 receivers
2 Sennheiser Evolution series 100 bodypack transmitter
2 Sennheiser ME2 tie-clip microphone
2 Sennheiser ME4 tie-clip microphone
3 Sennheiser MD845 handheld transmitter
DI Boxes
2 BSS AR133 active DI box
4 Behringer Ultra DI100 DI box
Mic Stands
10 Tall boom stands
8 Low boom stands
  A selection of Mic Cables
  A selection of Speakon Loudspeaker Cables
1pr Beyer DT100 headphones
1pr Edirol MA-15 active monitors
Installed Cabling

There are 3 possible operating positions within the auditorium, each position has a total of 24 mic lines available, outputs for Left, Centre & Right, and 5 outputs for auxes. The 3 positions are patchable on GPO patchbays in the equipment room. These positions are:-

  • At the rear of the stalls, auditorium left (this is the normalled position for the GPO patchbay)
  • At the control booth, balcony auditorium right (requires patching)
  • At the rear of the balcony seating (requires patching)

On stage there are a total of 16 mic lines, and 4 audio tie-lines (require patching), there is also available a loose multicore, with 32 mic lines, 15m extension for rear stall operation, and split cable for monitors.

Loudspeaker patching is done from a speakon patch in the equipment room. Outputs from the 4 monitor amplifier channels are available as 2 paralleled speakon outlets per channel, these can be patched to any of 15 speakon outlets on facility panels around the venue.

1 Stonewood SA-CPS2, 2-channel PSU
3 Stonewood SA-CBP1, single channel beltpack
4 Stonewood SA-CHS1, single muff headset
1 Stonewood SA-CLS1, single channel loudspeaker station, c/w gooseneck mic
Paging/Show Relay installed system consists of:
1 Australian Monitor Digipage Junior 8 zone mixer
1 4 channel Cloud amplifier, fitted with 100v transformers
1 IDAL MP3 player
2 Australian Monitor Digipage Junior paging microphones
The above feed loudspeakers around the venue/beer garden

Audio Visual Equipment

1 Sanyo PLC-XF46E, 12000 ANSI lumens projector, c/w lens
1 4m x 3m motorised screen
1 Kramer VP-84ETH video matrix switcher
2 Tascam DV-D01U rackmount DVD player
1 Sony DVD/HDD recorder/player
  Many of the functions of the venue are controlled by Vity touchscreens, including curtain closure, lighting presets, projector control, screen control, sound preset control, DVD control, etc.
Installed Cabling

There are installed video cables going to facility panels around the venue. Each cable terminates to a BNC connector at the facility panel, and to a MUSA video patchbay in the equipment room.

A CAT6 cable network is installed around the venue, RJ45 connectors available at facility panels around the venue, terminating to an RJ45 data patchbay in the equipment room.


18 1m x 1m foldable top sections RoadReady Intellistage
18 300mm high riser sections
18 400mm high riser sections
  The above risers are normally combined to give 700mm high, which with the top sections fitted is the same as the fixed stage in the venue. This will allow an extension to the stage of 6m wide, by 1,2, or 3m depth. There are various steps, cloth drapes, etc., for the above.
  A 63A 3-phase supply is available at Stage Right

Further Information

The listings shown above should be taken only as reference for the equipment, as additions/amendments may periodically be required. It is recommended that you contact the venue with any technical requirements as soon as possible.

Inclusion of any equipment on this listing does not guarantee availability unless arrangement is made prior to event