Owen Colgan Still Alive


Strictly over 18s.Owen Colgan, Irish cult comedy hero is best known for his role as BuzzMcDonnell from Hardy Bucks. Hardy Bucks has seen Owen star in 4 hitseasons aired on Ireland’s national broadcaster RTE and the HardyBucks hit movie which media coined the Irish Hangover and wasproduced by the mammoth Universal Studios. Owen Colgan is a life coach from the west of Ireland who has seen itall. After 25 years addicted to pints and smoking, it seems he hasfinally knocked it all on the head. Now in a very loving and highlysexual relationship with his partner/manager Maureen, Owen intends tobring a bright and fresh approach to his upcoming tour- On The Dry.I just want the people of Ireland to know that there’s no badness in me- Owen Colgan Covering talking points such as Global Warming, Thetime he met Katie Taylor for tea, his future hopes and dreams, the sexparty he attended with the other Hardy Bucks and lots, lots more.This tour is set to be a wild and cozy ride that will leave you creamingyour jocks before you can say Epstein didn’t kill himself.I knew his father well - Dave O’Malley (local man)This is not to be missed- Guy in Tesco ahead of me in the queueVery much worth attending the show - Father GallagherSo come along, bring your Granny and let’s have a nice time togetherlaughing because God knows we need a laugh don’t we? Or am I 


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