Prisoners of the Moon. 50th Anniversary Moon landing film.


'Prisoners of the Moon' 50th Anniversary Moon landing film. + Director Q+A

As part of the film's national release Johnny Gogan returns to The Set Theatre with the follow up to his celebration of Kilkenny writer Hubert Butler: Witness To The Future.

Prisoners of the Moon charts a similar territory in its exploration of the relationship of morality and scientific discovery. The focus of the film is Arthur Rudolph, Operations Director of the Apollo Mission that landed the first man on the moon. Less known is Rudolph's role as Manager of the World War 2 underground factory where the V2 missile was constructed by legions of slave labourers. In July 1990 Rudolph was detained in Canada and placed in front of a court. To this day it remains the only judicial exploration of the Nazi past of some one hundred and twenty rocket engineers brought in secret to the US in 1945 - the so called "Rocket Team" led by Wernher von Braun.

"A fascinating documentary..." Donald Clarke, Irish Times

 “Science has enormously extended the sphere of our responsibilities while our consciences have remained the same size” Hubert Butler, 1956


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