Richard Dawson (Kilkenny Arts Festival) – Aug 17

Saturday, August 17, 2024 21:30

Kilkenny Arts Festival presents Richard Dawson

Like Syd Barrett or Robert Wyatt, Richard Dawson is one of those maverick English musicians who doesn’t so much throw the rulebook out of the window as set it on fire.

His last project was a trilogy of albums set in the medieval past, in the present and 500 years in the future, mixing alt-folk with jazz, psychedelia and prog rock, all held together by his tremulous vocals. His most recent album, The Ruby Cord, features a 41-minute opening track, ‘The Hermit’, that showcases his unrivalled storytelling powers. The song, as Loud and Quiet noted, is ‘utterly gorgeous’, slowly building to ‘the rarest kind of finale where it feels like your heart might burst’ (The Quietus). This gig in the Set is a rare chance to experience a true original at work.

Please note: this is a fully seated show.